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Facility Notice: Consistent with the governor’s executive order to continue to slow the spread of COVID-19, YWCA Minneapolis will extend through at least June 1 temporary closures we implemented for our fitness centers, a few of our Early Childhood Education centers and Girls and Youth programming. Learn More


High-Quality Preschool Care at YWCA Minneapolis

Our 3- and 4-year-olds are bursting with imagination, creativity and responsibility. As they form friendships and develop conflict resolution skills, they also focus on early literacy and pre-math skills. By the time they graduate preschool, over 90% of our children are fully ready to succeed in kindergarten (compared to 73% of Minnesota peers).

  • Ages: 36 months to Kindergarten
  • Teacher to Student Ratio: 1 to 7-10
  • Full-time child care

YWCA Teacher Role with Preschoolers

The role of the teacher is to know each child’s individual likes and learning styles to provide learning experiences and variety in the classroom following our curriculum. The teacher’s role during play time is connected to the child’s learning and developing.

Preschooler Skill Development

To help our children reach early learning standards, we provide materials and activities to progress skills. These activities are appropriate to each level of ability. Preschoolers learn by doing, not by being told what to do.

Creative Experiences and Exploration

We provide creative experiences that encourage exploration – finger-paint, water colors, paper, glue, markers, etc. We provide enough time to explore, play and experiment.

Preschooler Language Development

Sharing language with preschoolers is part of the learning process. We provide many opportunities for conversation, sharing ideas, asking questions and helping each other.

Early Learning Standards for Preschool Children

  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Development of Curiosity and Imagination
  • Language and Literacy: Children develop listening and speaking skills
  • Math and Science: Children understand amount, including use of numbers and counting
  • Physical Well-Being: Children understand healthy and safe living practices
  • Children develop large motor skills

Preschool Care Pricing at YWCA Minneapolis

YWCA Minneapolis has five convenient locations which are NAEYC-accredited and 4-star Parent Aware Rated.

Preschool care weekly rates per location:

YWCA Minneapolis Children's Center at Downtown


YWCA Minneapolis Children's Center at Midtown


YWCA Minneapolis Children's Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital


YWCA Minneapolis Children's Center at Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning


YWCA Minneapolis Children's Center at Ecolab